Villa Rubeshibe Hills - Private Villas Atop A Beautiful Hill In Hokkaido

Villa Rubeshibe Hill is a set of private villas in Biei, a hillside town in Hokkaido, Japan, filled with beauty of the nature.

Beautifully rolling hills with rich expressions of the four seasons

Located just an hour and 40 minutes by plane from Tokyo and then 30 minutes by car from Asahikawa Airport, Biei is well known for its beautiful rolling fields called “patchwork hills”.  The landscape embodies the rich expressions of our Mother Nature through the four seasons. The local government and the residents of Biei together are making efforts to bestow this beautiful landscape created by primarily crop fields, such as wheat, potatoes, sugar beets and legumes, to future generations through ordinances to protect the natural environment.  Biei is also a member town of the NPO, The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan, an association of picturesque villages that aims to pass on the beauty that has been cultivated over the years and maintain the independence of the villages while preserving the landscapes and cultures.

Clubhouse and Private Villas

The building design of the clubhouse is just simple to blend into Biei’s natural landscape. Entering the lounge, your will find a stirring view of Biei’s dynamic hills unfolding beyond the fireplace. Here, you can enjoy a welcome drink upon arrival, afternoon tea, aperitif before dinner and bar time throughout your visit. The private villas are arranged to embrace the natural contours of the hills and offer dynamic panoramic view.  A private villa has 3 guest rooms, a jacuzzi and more than 50 square meters of space comprising the living and dining rooms and the kitchen. Each dining area includes a full-service kitchen where you can hold private parties.  The interior is designed with a theme “Simplicity with Warmth”, where natural wooden textures and modern Italian furniture.

Owners have an option to participate in the rental program, which allows your villa to be operated as a hotel by the operator when it is vacant.

24-Hour Butler Service

Villa Rubeshibe Hill provides thorough hospitality to all guests. Butlers who are familiar with the local area are ready to answer a wide range of requests and inquiries and provide information not listed in guidebooks or on internet. They can arrange tour guides or make reservations at local restaurants, You will find hidden gems that only locals know.

Many Ways to Enjoy the Northern Wilderness

Ski resorts in Biei area feature the best powder snow in Hokkaido and attract skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. In warmer weather, visitors can enjoy a full range of Hokkaido’s outdoor activities, such as rafting and fishing at Biei River and trekking through the Daisetsu Mountains. In addition, there are many onsen (hot springs) in the area. Visiting an onsen is the ideal way to relieve fatigue and relax your body.