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Ortigas & Company's Road To Jipa Award For Excellence

Dec 12

Once dismissed as a shell of its old self, Ortigas & Company's revival as a strong real estate playe...

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Park Central, Ayala's New Development At Ayala Triangle, Wins Japanese Award

Dec 11

Ayala's new development project at the iconic Ayala Triangle gains recognition at the Japan Internat...

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Viral Vista Land Resort Development Crosswinds Feted In Japan

Dec 10

This Swiss-inspired residential and resort development in Tagaytay called Crosswinds has since gone...

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Arthaland's Flagship Arya Residences Continues To Gain Accolades

Dec 09

Even if half a decade has passed since Arya Residences was opened by Arthaland, it continues to gain...

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Atsushi Kawashima

Chairman Of Judge, Property Investment

Chairman, Director Kenedix

Noriaki Shiomi

Property Management

Vice President, Property Management Association In Japan

Kaname Uchida

Real Estate Association

Professor Reitaku University, Vice President The Real Estate Companies Association

Chihiro Shimizu


Professor Nihon University Fellow MIT In Real Estate

Hirobumi Uchiyama

Property Renovation

Chairman, Renovation Association In Japan

Sei Nakanishi


CEO, Property Agent Inc.

Shigeru Aoi


CEO, A-Tom

Masahiro Nakamura


Director CCO Tsukuruba Inc